Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reflections- Mallika Kulkarni

this is taken in my house. what i really liked is that fact that every mask is from a different country, showing that throught the centuries, human beings ,wherever they are, love the art of masquerading.

this was taken in the night (obviously) during Diwali. although i love the way the colours of the irecrackers, i'm terrified of themso i wouldnt go anywhere near them. thus i had to settle for taking the pic from a distance. this pic was taken in the fireworks mode on my camera

ISO: 125

APerture: f/14

shutter spped: 2 seconds

auto white balance

this photo was pbviously taken in the classroom. in this pic i have been 'inspired' by William Eggleston's technique of capturing everyday mundane things which seem commonplace but are indicative of a human presence. these desks and chairs are of great value during class hours, but after classes, they seem to have no real function.

Aperture: f/2.8

Shutter spped: 1/50

ISO : 125

auto white balance

The photograph above was taken after a long hard evening of work in college. ive realized that the saying' no 2 sunsets are alike' is completely true. every evening while working away in college, I see the sky tinged with pinks, oranges and even blues. just the wide array of colours is simply breath-taking. also by this time (around 7 pm) most of us are in crabby moods, but when we see this sunset we all seem to calm down and relax atleast for a minute. what i also loved about this picture were the hundreds of birds just flying around, they seemed to symbolize the meaning of the word 'Freedom.'

technical specifications

Aperture: f/3.2

Shutter spped: 1/60

ISO: 125

white balance for cloudy conditions

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oops! said...

1. Good as an idea, but bad as a photograph. Tell me why?
2. Reflections? how?? and f/14 or f/1.4?
3. Good inspiration, bad photograph. More tell me why...
4. "Freedom"?...what happened to "reflections"?